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Faculty Salary Savings - Policy

From: "Richard Saller, Dean, School of Humanities and Sciences" <hsdean [at] stanford.edu>

Subject: Faculty Summer Salary

Date: March 29, 2010 at 8:37:08 AM PDT

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Dear Colleagues,

As you know, the Dean of Research has recently changed Stanford's policy on summer effort for faculty.  As a result H&S has changed its policy with regard to salary savings from grants and contracts. The revised policy is attached to this e-mail and is effective January 1, 2010.

The Dean’s Office Finance Team will be working with department and program administrators to implement salary administration procedures. In addition, Martha Langill mlangill [at] stanford.edu (6-7686) is available to work with individual departments as they make these changes.

Thanks for your attention.




Richard P. Saller

Dean, School of Humanities and Sciences



Policy attachment:



Dear Colleagues:                


Recent changes in federal policy and Stanford’s obligation to comply with these policies has necessitated an update of the School’s policy with regard to allowing faculty who are supported by grants to recover a percentage of their academic-year salary and benefits. In accordance with its mission to promote research and teaching, the School of Humanities and Sciences by policy supports the full nine-month salary of all academic council faculty.  The School of Humanities & Sciences emphatically does not expect faculty to recover any of their nine-month salaries from external sources.


In most situations, federal policy requires that faculty charge at least 1% effort during the entire period of the grant and not more than 90% during the summer quarter. In light of this, effective January 1, 2010 faculty will now recover 100% of 10% of the base salary which they charge to a grant or contract. Any other salary charges above that level will follow the same principle previously in place: 75% of the general funds recovered will be given to the faculty member's home department, to be distributed at the department's discretion back to the PI to help support his or her research, or may be retained by the department itself to support general research costs.  The remaining 25% of recovered general funds will be retained by the Dean's Office.


As a general guideline, faculty are not entitled to buy out teaching responsibilities.  There may, however, be infrequent cases in which teaching buyout is permitted. Faculty seeking such exceptions must have the approval of the department chair and must apply in writing to the appropriate Senior Associate Dean.  In the unusual event that teaching buyout is approved, the dollar value of an individual course will be equal to 50% of the faculty member's academic-year salary, divided by the standard number of courses taught by faculty in the department per year. 100% of teaching buyout funds will be retained by the Dean's Office, although departments may request replacement teaching funds through the usual process at the standard per-course rate. We hope this helps clarify H&S policy and procedure for faculty salary buyouts from external sources.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your relevant cluster dean.



Best wishes,