Budgeting Grad Aid

Graduate aid is a complex line of business managed by schools and departments. Admission of a student creates a multi‑year financial obligation that is typically fulfilled from a multitude of funding sources spread across multiple schools and control points within Stanford, and various federal and non‑federal funding sources external to the university. Each funding source carries its own funding restrictions, policies, and procedures. Student support comes in many forms, including fellowships and salaries, tuition support, and health insurance coverage.

The Graduate Financial Planning System (GFPS) supports graduate aid transactional functions, such as the recording of detailed payment plans and the uploading of student payments to the Graduate Financial Support (GFS) system, and strategic functions, such as the development of annual budgets, multi‑year forecasts, and scenario‑building. GFPS also provides information to the H&S Budget Planning System (BPS) as part of the annual operations budgeting process.

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