Review of First-Quarter Funding Commitments -- Response Needed by Friday, November 12

Fiscal Year 2022: Review of First-Quarter Funding Commitments - Response Needed by Friday, November 12, 2021
Dear Finance Partners,

We are pleased to be sending you today information about FY22 first-quarter funding commitments.  As you likely know, the majority of our transfers for funding commitments from the H&S Dean’s Office typically take place in November, so this is the time that you review those funding commitments before we complete the related transfers later this month.  Your help in ensuring the H&S Dean’s Office accurately meets these financial obligations in a timely fashion is greatly appreciated!

Your FY22 first-quarter commitment reports are now available for review via HandSOn by running the reports per the HandSOn Commitment Reporting Job Aid located on the H&S Finance Website.  Alternatively, we have loaded copies of the reports into the Repository (in the Non-Salary folder under Funding Commitments) for your convenience.

Please review all commitments for your area and let us know if there are any problems or required changes.  Questions about the commitment report should be directed to your liaison.

To meet the deadline for uploading November transfers to Oracle, we need your feedback on these reports by the end of the day, Friday, November 12.

If a commitment is missing, please provide documentation (such as a letter or e-mail from a dean, chair, or director) so that we can add the commitment to HandSOn.  If there is an error on an existing commitment, please refer to the commitment number when you call or write with questions so we can quickly find the entry.

The following tables describe the Transfer Status and Hold Reason fields for your information as you review the commitments.

We look forward to hearing from you by November 12, and hope that your holiday season is off to a great start!

H&S Finance


Transfer Status

There are five values for transfer status. Each line of a commitment must have a status indicated before it can be submitted. Lines with a status of “Void” are not included in any reports except the data download.

Note: If Transfer Status of Hold is selected, a Hold Reason is required.

Transfer Status:      Used For:

Ready                          Current year rows that are ready for transfer
                                       All “Ready” commitments will be included in the next upload

Hold                             Current year rows that aren’t ready for transfer
                                       Future year rows
                                       Any commitment row with a “Hold” status must also have a “Hold Reason”

Sent                             Commitments that have been sent to Oracle (either for upload or manual entry)

Done                            Commitments that have been successfully transferred in Oracle
                                       Finance will add the iJournal number or other identifier plus iBudget number, if made
Hold Reasons:

Hold Reason:           Comments:

Contingency            Contingency is used when the agreement states a specific contingency. The most common are  emoluments contingent  on purchasing a home, top-ups contingent on obtaining grant funding, or when department confirmation is requested.

Revenue Due           Revenue Due is the hold reason for all commitments from outside H&S. Once notification is received from the external entity that funding has been transferred, Finance will change the Transfer Status to “Done”.

YE Close                     Year End Close is normally used for all commitments in the subcategory “Summer 9ths” or any other subcategories where actual expenses are being reimbursed rather than a set dollar amount transferred.  For example, research assistants are frequently handled in this way. Finance will work with departments and programs to complete these commitments by fiscal year end.

Next Year                   Used to indicate that the line item commitment for the current year has been moved to a future year (usually for deferred summer ninths at year-end close) or is used for commitment lines that require review for the current year.