New Enhancements to University Systems --- Authority Manager and Digital Payments

Dear Finance Colleagues,

Emails were sent today from UIT and FMS to call attention to the two recent enhancements.  The Authority Manager module has been enhanced and an Alternative Payment Solution Project (Digital Payments) has been launched.   

Authority Manager Enhancements

Enhancements to Authority Manager are live, starting today.  The purpose of the enhancements are to increase efficiency. 

Enhancements include:   

  • The ability to copy privileges from one person to another.
  • The ability to enter a future date for authority to be effective.
  • Workflow built into the system to request, to copy, edit, or revoke privileges to the appropriate grantor.  
  • NOTE: HR has the ability to revoke authority privileges.

While the core functions of viewing, granting, and revoking authority will remain intact and feel familiar the look of authority manager has been updated.  

To learn more about these changes, information is posted on UIT website and Fingate.  Also a post-launch System Demo presented by FMS will take place on June 29, from 1-2 p.m.  For Zoom information and more project details, visit

Alternative Payment Solution Project (Digital Payments)

FMS has also launched an Alternative Payment Solution Project.  Phase one, digital payments, provide an easier, faster, more efficient and secure way to reimburse Stanford visitors for their expenses. The project replaces the time-consuming payee setup process, which uses Stanford's Supplier and Payee Request Portal to collect confidential data securely from individual payees. The new solution allows visitors to receive faster payment from a nationwide digital payment network governed by U.S. banking regulations.   

To take advantage of this new feature you will need access.  Follow the steps below to gain access.

  • To view and use the Digital Payments form, preparers must first gain access to the Expense Requests System.
  • Preparers must then be granted the additional "SU Expense Request Digital Payments'' privilege in Authority Manager. All current ERS users were granted this privilege by the project team on June 18.
  • Preparers must complete FIN-0505: Digital Payments training, which is now available in STARS.

To learn more about digital payments, information is available on Fingate.  In addition:


Blake Grenier

Associate Director of Finance

The School of Humanities and Sciences