Issue with Tuition Expenditure Commitments

Dear H&S Finance Colleagues,


We are writing to bring to your attention an ongoing University-wide system issue related to tuition expenditure commitment information that has typically occurred during the month of April.  Several of you brought this issue to our attention during this past month, and we have been working with our wonderful colleagues in Financial Management Services (FMS) to isolate the problem.  They are continuing to look into the issue with their colleagues in Student Financial Services (SFS) in an attempt to prevent the issue from happening again.


What we know for certain right now is that tuition commitment information was “relieved” (i.e., removed from expenditure commitment reporting) at the start of the Spring Quarter (end of March).  However, because communication between the GFS and Oracle systems only occurs on a monthly basis for the majority of GFS financial data, the related tuition amounts weren’t posted as actual expenditures until the end of April (the first full month of the quarter).


What does this mean for you?  If you ran any expenditure-based reports (including any in OBI, FFIT, or CMS) during the month of April, your tuition commitment information was likely understated, and your account balances therefore overstated.  Now that April actual tuition charges have posted, the issue appears to have been resolved for the time-being.  We highly recommend that you review any account balances for PTAs with student aid charges to make sure that you have up-to-date information for these accounts.


A special THANK YOU to those of you who brought this issue to our attention so that we could communicate it to FMS for better understanding and so that they might hopefully prevent such an issue from happening again in the future.  Your communication of the issue is GREATLY appreciated by all of us!


For additional general information about student commitment information, please see the link on Fingate at:


Please let us know if you have any questions about this issue, and please communicate this to any finance staff in your area(s).  Thanks again for helping us understand the issue in a timely fashion!





Bryan N. Brown

Financial Management Analyst

School of Humanities & Sciences