GFPS FY23 Grad Aid Allocations and Endowment Payouts Update

Dear GFPS Users,


Updated FY22-23 Grad Aid Allocations

The Dean’s Office Graduate Aid funding allocations for FY22-23 have been uploaded to GFPS based on the latest University Budget Office planning assumptions of a weighted graduate aid expense cost rise rate of 3.50%. The FY22-23 base allocation amounts are preliminary, and adjustments may be needed when the graduate aid cost rise and fringe benefit rates are finalized by the UBO by March 2022. A planned cost rise rate of 3.5% is also used to calculate the projected allocations for FY23-24 thru FY26-27.


Projected Endowment Payouts

The projected endowment payouts (FY22-23 and beyond) have also been updated based on the latest UBO assumptions of payout growth rates.

Please check the OB tab of the “Marco Budgets” module in GFPS and verify the updated information, and feel free to reach out to your Liaison or me if you have questions or concerns.


I will send out details on our 5-year forecast cycle - scheduling doodle poll and guidelines – tomorrow. 




Elsie Phillips

Senior Financial Analyst

Dean’s Office|School of Humanities and Sciences