Faculty using faculty funds to purchase office furniture due to the COVID-19 response

Dear Colleagues,


On Wednesday afternoon, during the DFO/PM  meeting, a question was asked regarding the use of faculty funds (FZxxx) to purchase home office furniture due to the COVID-19 response.  There are a few considerations to review before moving forward.    


The funding source should always be a consideration.  Restricted funds must follow the intent of the funds regardless of COVID-19.


Unrestricted funds need to follow University policies which are created to comply with regulations such as State and IRS tax regulations. 


1) A clear business purpose must be documented.


2) Equipment and furniture purchases with Stanford funds are owned by Stanford and therefore need to be appropriately inventoried and tracked.  This responsibility will fall to the department/program.  Each unit must have and equipment accounting process.  Regardless of the tool used, (e.g., Excel, ServiceNow), the maintained information must include identifying data for each piece of equipment and the name of the person to whom the equipment is assigned.


3) For COVID-19 related purchases: When completing the ordering, payment, or reimbursement for equipment purchased to support telecommuting as a result of Stanford’s response to COVID-19, the transaction’s Business Purpose must include the term COVID for reference. For more information about tagging financial transactions, visit Financial Management Services’ COVID-19 news bulletin and click on the section “Tracking and Reporting Financial Impact in Oracle and OBI”.


University IT has created a website to offer recommendations for hardware and the recommendations are available through the Amazon Business portal in iProcurement.  To find more about these recommendations please visit: https://uit.stanford.edu/service/help/hardwarerec/remote-work#covid


In addition, the University IT website has limited guidance on furniture.  To find more about this guidance please visit:






Blake Grenier

Associate Director of Finance

The School of Humanities and Sciences