Affordability Increase & General Fund Swap / Unit Specific Information / Zoom Seminar this Friday

Dear H&S Finance Colleagues,

Following up on the email Jim Henry sent out to DFOs and PMs on Thursday March 24, 2022, regarding the Affordability Increase and General Fund Swap, detailed unit-specific information has been placed in your Salary View/Budget folder in the H&S finance repository.  You can access the repository through the H&S Finance website.

1) For units who have HSDO non-grad aid allocations, a memo titled “FY23 Affordability and GF Swap Memo” has been placed in the repository summarizing:

  • the amount of the FY22 one-time affordability increase;
  • the growth in GF swappable endowment funds;
  • the amount of GF which will be decreased/swapped based on those endowment payouts; and
  • the projected FY23 HSDO allocation.

2) For units with local endowments, a spreadsheet titled “FY23 Endowment Growth and GF Pullback” has been placed in the repository summarizing by award:

  • projected endowment payout;
  • payout growth; and
  • swappable amount.

The Finance team stands ready to assist as you analyze the impact of these initiatives. 


This Friday April 1 from 10:00AM to 11:30AM, the finance team will be demonstrating how to create a mid-year reforecast.  The demonstration will be on Zoom.  For those who cannot attend, the demonstration will also be recorded and posted on the H&S Finance Website.  Written instructions are also available on the H&S Finance Website

Come join us on Friday, all are welcome!

Friday April 1, 2022:  10:00AM -11:30AM


Password: 624929

See you there!

Blake Grenier

Associate Director of Finance

The School of Humanities and Sciences