Q4 (Jun, Jul, Aug)

Prepare and Submit Budget and Year End Close Activities

Quarter four of the fiscal year covers June through August.  During this time, the annual budget for the upcoming year is developed and loaded into university budgeting systems.  The current fiscal year ends requiring a series of tasks to ensure all financial activity for the year is properly recorded.                         


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The operating budget savings policy will be the same as it has been for the past three years. Departments and programs will be allowed to move all operating budget general fund surpluses to their Budget Savings account. The 2020/21 Budget Savings Policy & Process is applicable for FY22. This policy will be reevaluated for FY23.
Instructions and links to running reports following fiscal year-end close and at the start of the new fiscal year.
To help you find reports in Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) that provide you with the final fiscal year end balances in your awards. Faculty salary reports are also available and allow you to ensure that cost-sharing obligations were met, sabbatical charges were directed to the correct PTA and any supplemental salary payments to faculty in your area were received.
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University Budget Office (UBO) expense and endowment income planning assumptions for the FY23 operating budget. This job aid is intended to assist H&S department and program administrators during the FY23 operating budget process. UBO planning assumptions change throughout the year. Please contact your H&S Finance liaison for the most recent information.
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