Annual Accounting and Budget Cycle

The annual cycle highlights core activities by fiscal quarter associated with the annual budget and accounting process.

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Monthly Departmental Activities

Department and Program Activities

Q1 - September, October, November
One Fiscal Year Ends and Another Begins

Close Out the Fiscal Year

  • Upload annotated year-end close operating budget and non-operating budget reports with instructions for the close into the repository.
  • Clear Org suspense account for last pay period in August
  • Complete final Ijournal transfers
  • Provide endowment capitalization and income exception instructions to your liaison.

Prepare the New Fiscal Year

Q2-December, January, February
Accounting Clean Up and Graduate Aid Budgeting

Accounting Clean Up

  • Org suspense sweep occurs.  Clear Org suspense balances.
  • Review and close out old PTAs.

Graduate Aid Budgeting

  • Begin graduate aid five year forecast in GFPS.
  • Finalize graduate aid five year forecast and prepare for grad aid budget meetings.
Q3- March, April, May
At Mid Year, Review Budget Against Actual Expenses. Complete Graduate Aid Budget

Clear Org suspense balances.  Org suspense sweep occurs.

Review Budget Against Actual Expenses

Complete Graduate Aid Budget

  • Complete, finalize and submit Graduate Aid budget in GFPS
Q4 - June, July, August
Prepare and Submit Budget and Year End Close Activities

Clear Org suspense balances.  Org suspense sweep occurs.

Prepare and Submit Budget

  • Budget Planning System (BPS) trainings are available for new and returning users.
  • Enter and submit budget in BPS system.
  • Submit Annual Operating Budget in BPS.

Year End Close Activities

  • Attend H&S year end close orientation.
  • Complete all AP Invoice, Expense Request, P-Card and T-Card transactions.
  • Perform final reconciliation of expenditures.
    • Ensure restricted funds are spent according to fund authorization.
    • Ensure all payments associated with contractual obligations are complete.
  • Clear all Org suspense accounts and make necessary labor distribution adjustments.
  • Run HandSOn commitment report and confirm all remaining transfers.
  • Validate Faculty salary savings.

  • Validate Faculty salary cost share charges.

  • Review and submit endowment reinvestment.

  • Ensure Awards do not end the year in deficit.